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My sway!

2010-01-26 21:57:46 by wolfternus

Hot damn, y'all have you seen the new bit of script under the art comment box?
New Grounds has seen the light! ---Can I get an amen brotha'! Hack the planet!!!---
It says Don't be an asshole!! Thats the smoothist shit, EVER!
I just had to say some thing about it being that we be over run with assholes i is just soooo happy that they are trying to do something about it.

Thank You NewGrounds

jack asses

2009-12-11 11:46:41 by wolfternus

don't you just love those jackasses who look at your work and say that if you do this and this it will help you in your drawing endeavors, it really helped them, so you look at there page and see that they are like 10 and couldn't draw a stick figure with a crayon.
look kids just because your mommy likes it don't make you an expert, or that you have the ultimate grasp on away of doing an art style; most of all if you cant draw or paint like the person's art you are looking at then don't tell'em how to draw or paint.
in other words don't be a JACK ASS!


2009-12-01 22:06:20 by wolfternus

some "people" have claimed that my work isn't original be cause it's done in photo shop or that they found a picture that looks like it or is it to you I say get a life. All of my work is done in p.s. get over it I like photo shop, from the first time I clickaty clicked the mouse on photo shop I have used it to draw, I don't need to trace i draw what i see and what I like; show me an artist that dosn't draw what they see or what they like- you can't. if it looks like I traced it its because i draw the shadows and spent hours on hours drawing it and re-drawing it you should try it its a very old technique its called being an artist!
Don't hate because you can't do it if you like my work great tell me or don't im happy just the same but don't bash it because you cant do it.

My name is Wolfternus and I am that good.