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jack asses

2009-12-11 11:46:41 by wolfternus

don't you just love those jackasses who look at your work and say that if you do this and this it will help you in your drawing endeavors, it really helped them, so you look at there page and see that they are like 10 and couldn't draw a stick figure with a crayon.
look kids just because your mommy likes it don't make you an expert, or that you have the ultimate grasp on away of doing an art style; most of all if you cant draw or paint like the person's art you are looking at then don't tell'em how to draw or paint.
in other words don't be a JACK ASS!


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2009-12-11 18:32:18

Nice art! You really got skills!

wolfternus responds:

word fitty preach it on high


2009-12-28 22:50:19

Yea, I see no problem in your art style so you really don't need to listen to any advice that I know of. Keep up the bad ass work.


2009-12-31 02:42:58

love your rant, i hate when i see people sayin do this and this, and then i look at the piece and what there telling the person to do is probably beyond their ability to even do, and i think the only persons critique that will ever help you is your own